Hydraulic functions for several Hitachi’s (2x ZX19, 1x ZX26 en 1x ZX85):

-Quick coupler system (ZX19U-6, ZX26U-5, ZX85USB-6)
-Proportional rotation function (boom swing) (ZX19U-6, ZX26USB-6)
-Expand existing rotation function with mowing bucket function (ZX85USB-6)
-To make the existing extra function in foot pedal operable in joystick (ZX85USB-6)


Hitachi ZX19U-5A open cabine: Quick coupler system and proportional rotation function

Arm pipe assembly’s for Luyckx Belgium (ZX210LC-3 + ZX210LCT-3)


Hitachi ZX19U-5 (closed cabine): Quick coupler and proportional rotation function (flow divider + control piston)



For Staad BV Veghel, Djoeneri Hydraulic Systems Bleiswijk had installed on Doosan DX10 a rotation function and hydraulic quick coupler system!

Commisioned by Staad BV Veghel, DHS bleiswijk has fitted this Doosan DX19 with various hydraulic functions (hydraulic quick coupler and rotation control which are soon available as kit).

For Nasta (Norway) we have delivered a Ride control set with pipe assembly for a ZX210LC-6!

Emergency repair hydraulic pipe Theo Pouw Utrecht. Also by Djoeneri Hydraulic Systems!



Hitachi Formation for today, from left to right… 2x Hitachi Oosterhout Netherlands, Luyckx Belgium, Delvator Sweden

Hose rupture valve + pipe assembly for arm cylinder Hitachi ZX870LCH5-B on order of H.P. Entreprenormaskiner Danmark.
“Godt stykke arbejde….”